10 basics every wardrobe needs

Every time I google wardrobe essentials for women I get flooded with a list of items which I do not really need on a frequent basis. At the end of the day, you need a wardrobe, which can actually be paired with trendier items — basics that save you every now and then. The more basics you own the better your chances are of mixing and matching items. Moreover, the comfort these clothes provide is unmatched. A simple t-shirt or worn-out jeans can feel like million bucks if it fits you perfectly. And you will agree.

Put down below a list of basics that are worth investing in; the ones that will be your life saviour time and again, even as seasons and trends come and go.

The Basic Tee (loads of them)

You can never have too many t-shirts – even a bunch of them feels less. Basic tees are extremely simple pieces. They don’t necessarily turn heads on the street by themselves, but that’s the beauty of a basic tee. It doesn’t make much of a statement on its own, so it can become anything you want. There are numerous ways to transform versatile basic tees by pairing them up with countless options and giving your outfit a new life. They are anything but boring if styled properly.

The Classic Jeans

We may be living in sweatpants these days, but you can never ignore denim. The new classic is the easy jean—a slouchy, high-waisted straight leg that looks equally chic with a pair of pumps or sneakers.

White Sneakers

White sneakers, first and foremost, are a staple in every fashion-forward person’s closet or shoe rack. Honestly, having white shoes in your wardrobe adds brightness to whatever you’re wearing. They add an unexpected touch of chic even to the most sensible-looking travel ensembles. Though they can be bought for cheap, their prices can also be manipulated to sky-high costs, depending on variation and availability.

A Little Black Dress

In the words of famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld,

“One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a little black dress”

But a word of caution: before you pick the perfect dress, know your body shape. You need to feel comfortable to look fabulous.

Black Leather Jacket

A quality leather jacket is one of the smartest investment pieces for your wardrobe. Throw it over a white tee and jeans for an instant style boost or pair it with your workwear look for an edgy finish. A black leather jacket, whether vegan or real, is an absolute must-have. Take proper care of it and it can last you for decades.

Black Ballet Flats or Heels

We all have that one pair of flats that goes with every outfit (from jeans and a tee to a simple black dress). A pair of simple black ballet flats will carry you through the seasons and many years. The same applies to a killer pair of heels. It is necessary that you invest in a quality pair you feel comfortable and confident in.

Button-up Shirt

The button-up shirt always strikes a balance between looking casual and polished, be it yours or a borrowed one.<wink> Pair it up with jeans or a pencil skirt and you are good to go.

Stylist tip: “Take your button-up up a notch by choosing one in a luxe material like viscose, Tencel or silk.” — Stylist Jennifer M.

Knee-Length Skirt

A knee-length skirt is versatile enough to be casual, work-friendly and appropriate for more formal settings. We call that a win, win, and win.

Black Pants

Whether they’re tie-waist trousers or pencil-straight, a pair of black pants is another wardrobe essential to stock up on. In a formal setting, having black trousers would turn out to be a blessing for you.

Top-handle Bags, Totes, Cross-bodies, & Clutches

The anchor of any outfit? A stylish handbag. Start with an everyday crossbody, and make sure you have a tote and a clutch in the mix, too. Well, you can’t compromise with Style. Isn’t it?

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